CondoConduit Special Offer


30 Day Guarantee:

All monthly fees refunded if not satisfied within the first 30 days of use!

ORDER NOW to get your site operational within a week!

If you decide to charge local businesses for advertising on your site for just one or two local businesses, you can more than pay for the service.

CondoConduit is LESS EXPENSIVE than doing it yourself!

Typical web hosting fees for even a static web page included
Typical web hosting setup fee included
Data handling components for postings and documents included
Data handling setup fee included
Programmer and/or Web Designer included
Site backup of your data included

Getting Started with CondoConduit:

  1. Just to tell us your association name, zip code and number of units
  2. Send us a list of the board members and their titles

Making it better:

Here are the things that would help us personalize the site for your property. They are not necessary, but will help your CondoConduit site match your marketing efforts and other materials:

  • Brochures and photos that illustrate the property’s identity in the best light
  • Property letterhead which uses the lettering (font), colors, and exact name of the property (if available).

Please send whatever you can electronically to us via Email – the rest should be mailed to us:

Michael Hogan
Ideate, LLC
720 South Dearborn, PH3
Chicago, IL 60605

It will take 2 to 5 business days to have you running once we receive the information.

Costs per Association:

Initial Setup & Domain Registration: FREE!

Monthly Fees Per Association:

Association Size Monthly Fees
1-50 Units: $35
51-100 Units: $55
101-200 Units: $75
over 200 Units: $99


Michael Hogan
(866) 645-1501 (Toll Free)
(312) 436-1097 (Illinois)