Features Overview


Public Pages:

  • Overall community information on Home Page
  • Historical Information, if appropriate
  • Public Announcements
  • Units for Lease/Rent
  • Units for Sale
  • List Menus, Banners and Advertisements of local businesses

Private Pages:

  • 'What's New' page shows all the latest activity on your web site
  • Discussion area lets owners share opinions in the on-line community
  • Resident Email Directory
  • Private resident database for the utmost in security
  • Association Meeting Announcements and Events Calendar
  • Association Meeting Minutes & Budgets - any kind of documents!
  • Content Alerts - New Post Notifications are sent from the web site to your residents (at their request and under their control)
  • Repair Requests
    • Residents can request repairs and track their progress on line. Work requests are never forgotten or lost, and Property Managers receive immediate email notification. Board members can generate reports of outstanding work requests at any time.
  • Board or Committee Approval of Owner Construction
    • Owners can request committee approval of unit changes. Board or Committee can privately review and discuss submitted owner documents and then issue approval or rejection to the owner or request changes to conform to association requirements

Optional Owner Postings (No Additional Charges):

  • Appraiser Information for Buyers
  • Classifieds - Items for Sale