CondoConduit Special Offer

Features Overview


  • Completely Customized - your color scheme, pictures, logo and wording on home pages
  • Public Area and Private Area - you decide which features are in which area
  • Completely operational within One Week
  • Your own domain name (
  • Enable/Disable any feature using simple menus
  • Regular backups and maintenance
  • New features added at no additional cost
  • On-Line Documentation for Administrators
  • FREE submissions to major search engines

Public Features:

  • Overall community information on Home Page
  • Historical Information, if appropriate
  • Association Board Email Directory
  • Rules and By-Laws
  • Announcements
  • List Menus, Banners, Coupons and Advertisements of local businesses for additional income

Private Features:

  • Newsletter page shows all the latest activity on your web site
  • Discussion area lets owners share opinions in the on-line community
  • Resident Email Directory
  • Private resident database for the utmost in security
  • Association Meeting Announcements and Events Calendar
  • Association Meeting Minutes & Budgets - any kind of documents!
  • Content Alerts - information is sent from the web site to your residents at their request
  • Repair Requests
    • Residents can request repairs and track their progress on line. Work requests are never forgotten or lost, and Property Managers receive immediate email notification. Board members can generate reports of outstanding work requests at any time.
  • Survey Voting Module gets quick feedback from unit owners - with dynamic charting of results

Optional Owner Postings (No Additional Charges):

  • Appraiser Information
  • Classifieds - Items for Sale
  • Units for Lease/Rent
  • Units for Sale

Primary benefits

Secure: Each registered user has their own unique and private password for secure access

Easy to Use: If you can send an email attachment, you can post to your CondoConduit site.

Effective: Reach more owners each month with important issues and postings using our unique push-pull technology.

Private: Different levels of access for Residents, Owners, Board Members and Administrators restricts access to 'need to know'

Attractive: Each site is professionally and uniquely custom-designed for your association.

Dependable: CondoConduit provides a 99.9% monthly uptime guarantee.

Customizable: Easily grant or restrict access to each feature.

Free Upgrades... Forever: Features are constantly added and enhanced - at no extra charge to existing subscribers.

Economical: Competatively priced for each association size.


Michael Hogan
(866) 645-1501 (Toll Free)
(312) 436-1097 (Illinois)