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Why Do Homeowners Associations Need Community Websites?

The number one frustration owners and residents experience is the feeling of being "out of the loop" about what’s going on in their community. It's vital for their homeowners association to provide them with a secure solution that they can use to access important information and official documents anytime they want from anywhere around the world.

For this reason, homeowner associations from across the country use CondoConduit to expertly create and maintain affordable community websites that can be used to post legal documents, meeting minutes, neighborhood events, photos and much more!

Take the first step towards launching your site - call (866) 645-1501 to speak to one of our customer service representatives. Your order is 100% risk-free, so you have nothing to lose!

The Benefits to Launching an HOA Website

In addition to keeping owners and residents updated on the latest happenings in their community, launching an HOA website provides your association with a variety of benefits:

  • Savings -Reduce costs for copying, mailing and responding to requests.
  • Paperless (Green) Processes – Owners can enter online forms rather than faxing or mailing them in.
  • Ease Transitions for New Board Members – Historical documents and discussions can be reviewed by new Board Members to help them get up to speed and better understand past decisions.
  • Track Repairs – Repair assignments falling through the cracks? Workers not keeping Owners informed of progress? Use HOA websites to track repairs on line to keep all involved parties informed and in the loop.
  • Add Value To Your Property – Using CondoConduit to create your homeowners association website helps illustrate a vibrant community.

10 Reasons to Use CondoConduit for your Community Website

We realize you have many choices when it comes to building a community website for your homeowners association. For this reason, we have listed the top 8 reasons to select CondoConduit as your solution:

1. Risk-Free - Your order with CondoConduit is 100% Risk Free!

2. User Friendly and Responsive - Our websites respond automatically to smartphones and tablets!

3. Communicative - Allow Owners to communicate with the owner community! (optional)

4. Simple and Stable Pricing – Our pricing has remained the same since 2001 and includes FREE email hosting and FREE upgrades. With CondoConduit, there's no upselling, extra fees, overage charges or domain hosting fees.

5. Secure – 5 levels of access (plus virtually unlimited customized access for individuals) to assure appropriate access to all types of visitors. Resident, Owner and Board Member access is password-protected.

6. Customer Service – We provide prompt and helpful service through email, phone or online.

7. Ease of Use – Associations consistently choose CondoConduit for its ease of use.

8. Unique Design – Your eye-catching site will be custom designed for your association.

9. Customizable – Easy-to-customize menus.

10. Proactive Owner Involvement – Keeps owners coming back to visit the site often.

Are you ready to learn more about CondoConduit or have a question about our 100% risk-free service? Register now to try our demo site, see examples of community websites other homeowners associations have launched using CondoConduit or call (866) 645-1501 to speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives!

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